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The Cupid’s Bow Technique

From Casual to Committed Using The Power of Polarisation.

This book is for women who are unsatisfied with their current relationship status either because they’re unhappy being single or are currently in an unfulfilling relationship & want to reclaim their feminine power.

The Cupid’s Bow Technique is a step-by-step high-value guide to attracting/creating a healthy committed relationship with the love of your life, with all the intimacy, passion and peace you could ever want.

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Speaking From Our Hearts Book Series

Mastering the Game of Life

Do you have a powerful story or message of transformation to share? or

Do you want to be perceived as being a more credible expert as an entrepreneur, coach, trainer or speaker?

Ever thought about becoming an author but the thought of writing a whole book is too daunting a task?

But you know writing a chapter (of up to 2000 words) would be achievable?

Then apply now to become a co-author in the next ‘Speaking From Our Hearts’ book series.