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Welcome Introduction

TIP 1: Masculine & Feminine Energy Explained

TIP 2: Communication

TIP 3: Resolving Conflicts Creating Peace

TIP 4: Who’s Wearing The Trousers

TIP 5: Deep Connections & Trust

TIP 6: Creating More Passion and Intimacy

TIP 7: Your Wellbeing is Your Priority

TIP 8: Why Do Men Lie

TIP 9: Prioritising Your Time

TIP 10: How To Attract The Relationship You Really Want

TIP 11: Letting Go Of Control

TIP 12: Let Him Be Your Hero

TIP 13: Keep Your Relationship Exciting, 4 Tips

TIP 14: When Was The Last Time You Had Some Fun

TIP 15: Don’t Make These 3 Mistakes! Are You Driving Him Away

TIP 16: The Past Does Not Equal Your Future