Some of the names have been changed to protect privacy.

Personal 1-1 Coaching

“After personally working with Lyn to heal from my past, my relationship has gone from casual to committed in just 4 months, I’m now happily planning to get married to my soulmate John; which I thought might never happen after being in a previous unfulfilling marriage for nearly 20 years!”

Angela – Nottingham England

“After waiting 10 years, married at 50 – thank you so much, Lyn is very skilled at simplifying things for her students; she has a way of getting you to pay attention to what she says through her fun and interactive coaching style. She has helped me achieve outstanding results above and beyond what I ever thought possible.”

Anna – Leicestershire England

What Readers Have Said About Lyn – and The Cupid’s Bow Technique Book…

“This truly was a revelation! I implemented this technique straight away and it worked beautifully”

Trish – London England

“Lyn, You are so inspirational I can’t thank you enough, this book is gold dust, I now feel like a very “wise woman”

Mary – Glasgow Scotland

“Thank you Lyn, for sharing this technique the new awareness I’ve gained from this book has been mind-blowing and has transformed my relationship”

Kirsten – CA USA

“I could definitely see where I’d previously been living primarily as a High Value Masculine Woman (HVMW) and engaging in the 3 C’s, wow it feels so liberating to reclaim my feminine power!”

Marissa – Spain

Guest Speaker Event

“I want to thank you for all you gave us – you went down a storm, it was brilliant. It is true you really know your stuff – and that was clear to everyone.

Love you Lyn, thank you so much for coming over and being with us during a time of great change and growth. I’m really grateful for your input, insights and support.”

Lucie B – Warwick England